Links to Amendments, Votes, Audio Files, and Live Blogs
Texas State Board of Education Meetings
2009 January 21-23

by Steven Schafersman, Ph.D.
Texas Citizens for Science
2009 January 25

A number of unscientific and poorly-written amendments were passed by the Creationist members of the State Board of Education on January 22. I have now scanned and posted these amendments, a record of the votes by SBOE members, and the SBOE debate that preceded the votes via mp3 audio files for you to access. Judge for yourself if the garbled thinking that created these amendments is what you want from Texas public education officials.

Barbara Cargill's January 22 amendments to Earth and Space Science are at

Don McLeroy's January 22 amendments to Biology and quotation citations are at

An analysis of Don McLeroy's quotes and citations is available at

The January 22 recorded votes of the SBOE members can be found at

The mp3 audio files for the January 22 SBOE meeting and debate are at

Next, I have scanned and posted the January 21 speakers list and have a link to the audio files of both the public and expert testimony.

The speakers list at the January 21 public testimony is at

The mp3 audio files for the January 21 public and expert testimony are at

Also, the speakers list and audio files for the 2008 November 19 public testimony are available:

The speakers list at the November 19 public testimony is at

The mp3 audio files for the 7-hour November 19 public testimony are at

Finally, my live blogs of the three days of testimony and debate during the 2009 January 21-23 State Board meeting are available here:

January 21: blog | html (blog with abundant photos, html without photos)

January 22: blog | html

January 23: blog | html

The mp3 audio files are available thanks to the hard work of Tony Whitson of Curricublog. The SBOE meeting Web mp3 audio stream is archived, but it takes some work to take this audio stream and turn it into individual mp3 files that can be downloaded to personal computers, searched, indexed, and sampled. Texas owes Tony a debt of thanks for performing this tremendous service that benefits Texas science education by allowing efficient investigation of the testimony and debate at SBOE meetings.

The analysis of Don McLeroy's quotes and citations at Collapse of a Texas "Quote Mine" is the work of Jeremy Mohn. Texas owes Jeremy a debt of thanks for locating the original sources and publishing the quotes in their full context that refutes McLeroy's interpretations.

I will have much more to say about these amendments. I hope they are addressed and removed or revised in March, since right now they are very unscientific and will truly damage Texas science education if left unchanged.

Texas Citizens for Science
Last updated: 2009 February 2