Bitcoin: „The Bitcoin code“ is a fake

„Ride on the Bitcoin Bitcoin wave and earn guaranteed € 13,000 in exactly 24 hours.“ Why not? That sounds despite the misspelling of a tempting offer. Would not it invented a fake and the complete story. This so-called The Bitcoin code is spam and is shipped to date again. But what is this „code“ actually is and how you can protect yourself?

"The bitcoin code" is a fake
get rich with a few clicks? That is at least theoretically possible. Therefore, it is too tempting, if the Lord Steve McKay or Sven Hegel explained with a smile their scam. Because with the „Bitcoin code“ of the former software developer can you earn $ 13,000 within a day. you are determined stumbled across an e-mail with a link to a supposed video to the website.
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It’s about trading binary options on the Internet, in the case of Bitcoin, an internet currency. When trading binary options investors speculate on a price rise or price decline. True to the motto: „Cash or Nothing“. With all the information and the trappings page will look very convincing, the story appears to english Version of onlinebetrug have been written by a good writer.

Simply delete and apply to reputable dealers

But it’s all a lie. The site is incorrect, the images are stolen, the video is filled with actors and the story of the „100 million US dollars man“ from the business magazine Forbes, there is not. Fact: Once you have your data entered, they are in the hands of scammers and this data can then resell. Did you go even further and have referred „seed capital“ already yours, the money is gone and some scammers is richer.

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Ignores such messages or delete them easily. If you you’re not sure whether this site is genuine, verified the mentioned facts, the images via Google Image Search, or by an imprint that has to have any serious website searches. never give one of your personal information. But if you are looking for a portal for reputable trade binary options, make sure to read carefully tips on legitimate websites by or directly, at your bank after.

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