Earn Bitcoin via Lightning Network has contracted Counter-Strike: Offensive globale

Last Sunday, Zebedee’s Christian Moss announced the launch of Infuse at the 10th MintGox Lightning eSports tournament.

First on CS: GO

Infuse is a product that allows game developers to integrate Lightning Network into existing popular games. The first game that Zebedee began testing is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). This game series has been around since 1999 and has 20 million players worldwide.

With the ability to start personal CS: GO servers and a design that allows developers to easily customize and personalize CS: GO experiences on different servers, it was a no-brainer for Zebedee to apply the Infuse product to this game.

Win or lose satellites

In its current form, Infuse CS: GO allows players to set up games that require purchases via satellites and players can win or lose satellites during the game, depending on how many kills/deaths they have during the game. A bitcoin consists of one hundred million satoshi, or satellites. At the current rate of bitcoin, one satellite is worth 0.0002 euros.

Check out a demo here:

Acceptance Lightning Network

The team plans to add more games and more complex incentive programs in the future. The announcement of the Infuse product and the fact that it is being tested on a very popular game is very good news for the acceptance of the Lightning Network.

There are already some altcoin projects focusing on video games. But there are centralized companies behind this that also want a piece of the cake. That is why it is interesting to keep an eye on whether bitcoin integration in the game world will be successful, the revenue model is completely different.

Stacking sats

Now that the Lightning Network can be fitted into existing popular games, it’s waiting for popular top gamers to brag about stacking sats on Twitch. And potentially bitcoin could then be embraced by a huge group of gamers.

No other tokens are needed either. Just pure bitcoin sats. And should this catch on, then it would be totally awesome when big post Covid e-sports tournaments pay out in sats.

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